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  • Austenland Austenland (2013)

    Austenland:-Watch Austenland Online free on,I am not sure why this film has received such low reviews. The film opens up with Mrs. Wattlesbrook (Jane Seymour) holding a fake lamb and talking about Austenland, which I think greatly sets the tone for what type of movie this is going to be. Going into the film,…

  • The Saratov Approach:-Watch The Saratov Approach Online free on,I first want to dispel a prevalent myth about this film, and all other publicly released films that portray members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and its members (except “Meet the Mormons”): This film was produced by a privately-owned production company that…

  • Blackfish  Blackfish (2013)

    Blackfish:-Watch Blackfish Online free on,Without a doubt Blackfish is one of the most horrific theatre experiences you’ll have this year. Director Gabriela Cowperthwaite presents a very carefully constructed case on the effects of inhumane treatment of Orcas in captivity. The one-sided argument is that the untimely human deaths caused by captive Orcas were not…

  • Girl Rising Girl Rising (2013)

    Girl Rising:-Watch Girl Rising Online free on,Girl Rising (2013) is a documentary directed by Richard Robbins. The movie is linked to an organization, also called Girl Rising, which works to improve the lives of young women around the world who are victims of forced marriages. Often these women are sold by their parents to…

  • Stoker (2013)


  • Bless Me Ultima:-Watch Bless Me Ultima Online free on,I am thinking this is one of those films you either get .. or you don’t. This is an astonishingly simple story about a young boy of Mexican extraction set during WW2. Slight of stature but strong of faith, he is old enough to question what…

  • I’m So Excited:-Watch I’m So Excited Online free on,The words surreal, strange, fantastical and bizarre have been associated with Pedro Almodovar’s cinema along with longing, fragility, fluidity of gender, and the search for one’s individual sexuality in a world filled with variations from the “norm.” His 2011 movie THE SKIN I LIVE IN encompassed…

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